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As I mentioned previously whilst on my Holidays I read a number of books and I figured today I would set about reviewing one of them. I decided as I already reviewed King Rat previously I would start with The Devil Colony over Noble House, just so you don’t get to James Clavell’ed out.

The Devil Colony is the 7th Book in the Sigma Force Series. A series of books based on the Fictional “SIGMA” a division of the DARPA program.

SIGMA itself is a covert operation that exists to investigate and secure sensitive information that is a threat to the US. This information is generally of a scientific and historical nature.  SIGMA itself is made of a number of ex Special Forces military, scientific genius’s with a splattering of CIA, NSA and whatever other TLA you can imagine.

Think, Indiana Jones crossed with Einstein and rolled into Rambo.

This particular book focuses on SIGMA’s home soil and revolves around Thomas Jefferson, Native American Indians and the Declaration of Independence.

The book, as with all the SIGMA novels is fast paced, full of action, believable enough to encourage you go out and research the historical and theoretical points made, and yet over the top enough to still make it a great bit of escapism.

It’s tough to review really, as due to the pace, mentioning pretty much any plot element will give something away, or at very least have you nodding your head in a knowing manor when the “secret” is revealed.

Much like Dan Brown, James Rollins bases a majority of his book on “fact”, albeit speculative. There is enough “proof” of the things that he states that it could conceivably be true, although as with Dan Browns work there is significantly more proof that it’s probably not.

To reinforce this each book starts with a “Note from the Historic Record” and a “Note from the Scientific Record” these are worded as factual statements and form the basis for the story. I can never quite work out how factual they actually are; he does put a helpful and normally lengthy “Fact or Fiction” section at the back of each book, even going so far as to recommend further reading if aspects of the store have piqued your interest, but they don’t always cover everything mentioned in the  “Notes.”

I always wonder where people who write this type of fiction get their ideas, especially as they generally manage to come up with conspiracy theories, historical links and lost treasures that I myself have never heard of. I picture James Rollins sitting in a room with a copy of the new scientist, an atlas and list of historical people and three dart boards, whatever the method it works.

I thoroughly recommend reading this book, and in fact all the SIGMA Force series, although they should defiantly be read in chronological order. Whilst each individual story is fairly self contained, there is a very definite through line that will spoil many of the earlier surprises if you read them out of sync.

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