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The Best of Intentions

After the success, (well at least favourable comments) of So Far Untitled – Critique Wanted (if you haven’t yet critiqued please do, I value all comments on this WIP at this point) and Putting out there, I vowed to spend this weekend starting work on the next chapter/page of either one of these WIPs.

Sadly the introduction of yesterdays Beta accesses, some wok related writing and not a small amount of Beer, prevented me from doing so.

I did, you will be glad to know start Chapter 2 of SFU, or at least the new chapter, as I mentioned in the original post I did have the majority of a second chapter already on the page but on reflection I decided that it wasn’t the right place for it. That isn’t to say it won’t show up somewhere else. The events, conversations and character introductions are all important to the overall story that I want to tell, I’m just not sure that the second chapter is where you need to be exposed to them.

But I didn’t get very far, approximately 108 words in I dried up, I couldn’t quite work out where to go next. I know exactly what Enord’s role in the story is; I even know why he is on that horse, where he has been and ultimately where he will end up, and at this point I have decided that the second chapter should be looking at explaining at least one of these.

What I am struggling with is how much to reveal at this point and even more so how to present it. Enord knows things, how much of these things he is aware he knows is one part of the problem, how I convey them without giving away future plot elements is another and lastly how I communicate them in a way that when you, the reader finds these things out, don’t look back and go WTF that makes no sense, is the last hurdle.

Its probably why, as a friend suggested I should put down on paper an outline of the story, but that is where I come unstuck. I have specific scenes and events that I want to happen and as I pointed out before I have the ending of the first “book” and even know the response I am hoping to get out of the reader at that point.

I have tomorrow off and I am determined to continue with this chapter and get some more of my story on the page, Ideally I want to be able to share at least one chapter each month for your responses, whether that happens Is totally down to me and who knows maybe I’ll hit a roll and you’ll get more than one.

I would love to hear from fellow writers starting out on their first novel, or perhaps suffering from a severe case of writers block and how you have pushed yourself to continue, as any advice is much appreciated.

P.S Why does WordPress always default to this rubbish grey colour, once you have forgotten to change it and then add links you cant go back or it un-highlights all your links!

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