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Armageddon – Episode 3

I didn’t realise the date yesterday (2 days now as I missed the midnight deadline) so I’m afraid my Armageddon post has come a day (2 days) late. Luckily it wasn’t December so I’ve still got this chance to write it.

As I mentioned earlier this month, whilst reading The Devil Colony on holiday I got the topic for this month’s post.

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t yet read The Devil Colony and plan to, the content of this post could give you inkling about some of the events. Whilst no specific plot elements are given away it might make some of them less of an AHHA moment.

I have once again chosen to stick with earth bound apocalyptic events, partially due to reading said book, but also as much as they may come by different names most of the extra terrestrial are fairly similar but with a different name.



The most famous Super Volcano is of course situated under Yellow Stone Park. So like so many other end of the world theories is this just another scientifically plausible but highly unlikely and blown out of all proportion event.

It would seem not.

Many scientist believe it is not “if” but “when”

The most recent super volcano event happened approximately 74, 000 years ago at the Toba Caldara in Sumatra, Indonesia.  It was possibly the largest explosive volcanic eruption in the last 25 million years.   It destroyed and area of around 7,800 square miles, deposited ash as thick as 600m at the main vent, as well as covering the entire of Southern Asia in 6” of Ash.

Supposedly a super volcano erupts every 50,000 years or so, as you can see we are long overdue. Yellow Stone itself supposedly erupts every 600,000 years and its 40,000 years overdue at this point. Saying that, as far as we know there have only been 3 eruptions, so there are not really enough statistics to make it a pattern.

So what are the potential outcomes of the eruption of a Super Volcano like Yellow Stone or its “Big Sister” Toba Caldara?

They are pretty grim.

To quote the discovery channel

There is no argument that a major eruption at Yellowstone in modern times would be devastating. It would obliterate the national park and nearby communities, spread ground-glass-like volcanic ash from the Pacific coast to the Midwest, and cause worldwide weather changes from the airborne dust and gases, according to Smith, who described the potential effects in detail in his book Windows Into the Earth, published in 2000.

But is it only Super Volcanoes we need to worry about? What about plain old Volcanoes?

Take the Laki Eruption of 1783, its eruption and aftermath are responsible for an estimated 6million deaths,.

But with all these things, it’s not the End of the World. Even if you buy into the more extreme views we have survived them before, that Eruption I mentioned in Indonesia earlier, well humans where around then and of course we are still around now.

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