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Other people

Working in a shopping centre I am often subjected to “other people.”

As anyone who knows me will tell you I’m not good with “other people,” they are slightly better than “new people” as at least I am not having to meet or socialise with them but they still don’t fit in to the safe, “people I already know” category.

It’s this lack of tolerance of “other people” that contributes largely to my dislike of Airports, shopping, tube stations or anywhere else that large groups congregate.

There are many types of “other people” and I’m not sure which ones I object to the most, but they do all share one thing in common, they all annoy the hell out of me!

There is the friendly “other person”, you know the one that thinks is perfectly acceptable to strike up a conversation with you, simply because you happen to be in the same room, carriage, holiday destination as them. It’s just not right, for all they know I (or more importantly they,) could be a mad axe murderer. Worst of all you’re forced to engage in conversation or risk being the grumpy bastard that is the topic of their next conversation with some other poor soul.

Then there is the rude “other person” you know, the one who when you’re trying to get on the packed train or get a drink at the bar forgets all forms of etiquette and uses their shoulder to knock you out of the way or their crisp £50 to snatch the barmaid away from you just as you finish counting out your coppers for the larger you where about to order.

The worst type of “other person” is the shopper; they seem to have inability to walk in a straight line, at any kind of sensible speed, without stopping dead in the middle of the street. In any given shop, no matter how much space, they will find the natural choke point and park their trolley sideways so they can have a chat with their long lost next door neighbour discussing what a coincidence it is that they bumped into each other in the supermarket near where they live!

I guess everyone is some else’s “other people” and the only way to get round that is to get more of them into the “people I know” category, at which point I’m sure all of the annoying traits that they have as “other people” will perhaps become endearing facets of their personality.

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