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Doctor, Doctor

I read an article today about doctors backing plans to refuse “unhealthy” people treatment. It made me more than a little bit angry.

Now admittedly this article was on the Daily Mail’s website, and the 54% in favour statistic was based only on the opinions of just over a thousand Doctors. But the fact that even in that small number, over half of those people took this attitude really disappointed me.

Now don’t get me wrong, I get the whole “self inflicted” argument, if someone chooses to smoke, drink excessively, take drugs or eat themselves into oblivion they cant complain when nature catches up to them and kicks them in the ass with one of the various related diseases.

They can complain however, when people are suggesting denying them treatment, they pay the same national insurance contribution as those perfect, gym attending, marathon running, healthy eaters.

Not only that, but in the case of tobacco and alcohol for example they actually pay a hell of a lot more, take a £5.30 pack of smokes (yeah like they exist nowadays), £4.13 of that is tax, a whopping 77.9%

But more importantly where do you draw the line, its all well and good damning those of us with social unacceptable “unhealthy” lifestyles, but where do we draw the line?

Should treatment be denied someone who got an STD as they didn’t use protection, a fire-eater that burns them self, a snowboarder that breaks a leg or a zookeeper savaged by a lion?

They are all lifestyle choices; they knew the potential health risks that they took upon engaging in these activities.

Why is it being excessively fat is considered a lifestyle choice, whilst being excessively thin is considered an illness?

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