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So once again Keith Vaz is having ago at the games industry. He has tabled yet another (his fifth by the way) Early Day Motion about Violent video games.

This time he is using Norwegian mass murderer Andres Breivik’s admission of using COD: Modern Warfare 3 as a reason for censoring video games content.

It baffles me that the actions of one bat shit crazy guy can be used as an example of why these games shouldn’t exist. MW3 is was the biggest launch in entertainment history grossing more than any Hollywood film, with somewhere around 12-13 million copies sold worldwide on its first day. Whilst the law of averages says that Andres Breivik isn’t likely to have been the only COD player involved in some form of violent crime, using that 1 in 13 million person as “proof” of the effect of these games seems more than a little stupid.

What really baffles me is Vaz must be a somewhat intelligent guy, he managed to become an MP and even if he is as thick as his uneducated and over sensationalist views on this matter imply, he must at very least have a team beneath him and collectively they really can’t be that stupid.

I’m fairly confident there have been far more atrocities committed by people who share the same political beliefs as Andres Breivik than there are offenders who have played COD or other violent games. Should Keith Vaz, instead of fighting video games be looking to remove right wing politics from the country? As a labour MP I am fairly sure this is something he could get behind.

Or perhaps we should be looking to his own political leanings; the Left is hardly innocent when it comes to atrocities.

This is yet another example of both the media and politicians jumping on the most convenient wagon that we “normal folk” will understand, sadly there are many people out there who will agree with Vaz, a majority of which will have never played A video game let alone the one (or ones) in question. Its not a surprise that this motion has come less than 24 hours after the releases of the trailer for this year’s call of duty.

The fact that they have chosen COD as their example in itself proves this, whilst COD is violent, sometimes morally questionable, there are games out there that take the level of violence to a whole different level that could have been named, but COD is the one that the masses are likely to recognise.

Take this List; at most 3 of them would get any kind of news paper coverage they are just not popular enough to create the outrage needed to fuel Mr. Vaz’s campaign. Luckily as it stands a massive 8/650 signatures so it seems the rest of parliament are not quite as stupid as he is.

Worse still, whilst most of those people won’t have played said video game that they will of course purchase it for their son/daughter who is below the age that the game is rated for.

I’ve said it before and ill say it again, the problem with violent video games, much like violent movies and TV is not the people creating them, it’s parents attitudes to letting them play/view them.

If you let little Timmy watch Saw and Hostel before he hits his 10th birthday don’t be surprised if he turns out a little whack, or if after watching Spartacus he starts asking all sorts of questions about sex.

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