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EU Plot to Scrap Britain

I saw the headline above today whilst waiting the ridiculous amount of time it took the guy in the train station coffee shop to make the customer before me, said coffee.

It made me laugh.

I don’t know enough about the EU, to comment on whether or not it’s a good or bad thing. But I did find both the tone and the headline itself ridiculous. My two favourite quotes are those comparing the potentially proposed role to the Holy Roman Emperor or Napoleon, funny that god old Queen Vic wasn’t used as an example.

I’m a big fan of conspiracy theories and this really strikes me as the kind of thing that should be on The Insider not the front page of a national newspaper.

What I find especially strange is the idea that this would change anything, as far as I can make out the idea behind these informal discussions is to merge two existing jobs into one. Perhaps to form some kind of “super leader” as the article suggests, or perhaps as is the more realistic and likely reason to cut down on the bureaucracy involved in the whole process. Not to mention I can’t find any supporting evidence that even if their story is true, that there is an agenda to abolish Britain.

If these two job roles exist now, have the powers that they have now and are still subject to the same rules as they are now, what difference does it make if one person does the job or two?

The article and its contributors frequently refer to the fact that should one or the other of the potential candidates get said job role, (if it should even come to pass) it would be a travesty as they would not have been directly elected by voters.

Last time I checked our own current government was not the elected one.

Now perhaps I’m just out of touch, but before looking it up I was unaware that we even voted for MEPs. It seems I’m not alone though, or perhaps it’s simply that we don’t care. We can barely be bothered to vote for our own parliament let alone one that is in another country.

I’m personally not so sure that the idea of a single United States of Europe is such a bad idea, perhaps for example tax on things like cigarettes and alcohol would become more standardised, and we wouldn’t have to go on booze cruises just to get a reasonable price on these products. At the same time I’m sure our own imperialistic pride isn’t the only reason for opposing this idea so there must be some downsides that I’m blissfully unaware of.

  1. Xiph
    May 4, 2012 at 11:08 pm

    you didn’t know you could vote for an MEP??!

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