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Whilst trawling the internet for some kind of inspiration of what to write this evening I came across two different articles that got me thinking.

Sadly both where articles in the Daily Mail, and I’m starting to think I need to take a long hard look at myself as I seem to spending far too much time using this as a source of news!

The first article was about a Family that has been asked to leave Bermuda after 20 years of living there. It’s not an amusing article by any means; this family have been forced to relocate back to England despite having 2 children, both of whom were born in Bermuda.

What is ironic however is that this paper chose to run this story, as well as the comments of its readers. The British newspapers in general are anti immigration and the Daily Mail, along with the Express manage to find at least one story a day where they complain about immigrants stealing jobs, spending our tax money or generally just not being British.

And yet when another country takes exactly the attitude that they campaign for, they want the right to complain.

Immigration is a two way process, for every foreigner who comes to this country there are plenty of us going the other way. We are quick to criticise those who come to Britain and don’t integrate and create their own societies, but as I’m sure any of you who have met an Ex-Pat  will agree, we hardly start learning the lingo and tend to make our own little slice of Blighty on which ever continent we have ended up.

Tragically if this story had been in relation to an Iraqi family being forced to return to Bagdad, the DM and its readers would be applauding not expressing their outrage.

The second article was regarding the Metropolitan Police banning its IT staff (and anyone else with a reason to use it I guess) from using the word “Blacklist” due to it being racist.

 Now I am not, as I am sure you know black. Therefore I cannot with any authority comment on if this term is/was or ever could be considered racist, I’m sure in certain context it could be, but personally I think that the banning of said word is perhaps more racist than using it in the first place.

To me it suggests that people are so sensitive to the matter of race or more importantly so ignorant, that simply mentioning a colour that could be attributed to a race makes it insulting.

I mean what’s next?

Blackcurrant, Blackjack, Blackmail, Blacksmith?

I think if I was black then I would find this entire thing ridiculous and taking this stance is, if anything trivialising what is a very real and serious issue.

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