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Another day another strike

My attitudes towards striking are rather odd.

Politically I would defiantly lean to the left; perhaps it’s in the genes. I am apparently related to Keir Hardie, a useful tidbit of information to have in the event that I am ever to run for office.

Despite this strikes generally make me angry. Perhaps it’s because they have become so common place that they are no longer effective, or perhaps it because the very reasons behind said strikes have become so right that they are no longer left.

The most famous strike in British history is probably that of the miners in the 80’s this wasn’t a protest against wages, pensions or benefits but a stand against the deconstruction of an entire industry and the communities built around it.

These people were literally striking for their lives, now days strikes seem to happen simply on the basis that less money will be hitting people’s pockets. This would be a noble stand to take if said people where being paid minimum wage for skilled or dangerous jobs, but in the current environment the public sector earns equal to or more than much of the private sector, generally has better benefits, and much as the pensions that they thought they might get are now unlikely they will end up better off than a majority of their privately employed counterparts.

As David Mitchell points out, is there a point where the Unions will agree that what they get is fair and just and no more actions needs to be taken? Of course not. They are representing their members and if they don’t get the pay rise that they feel they deserve then they are going to complain and expect their Union to do something about.

We like to bash the bankers and don’t get me wrong they deserve it, but using one thing to justify another doesn’t make it right.

My main issue with strikes is perhaps the fact that it’s so counter intuitive, the Unions claim to be on the side of the working people, but how many of those people are unable to get to work or are inconvenienced by the train, tube or bus strike that is supposedly supporting them.

In the end it generally seems to turn the very people that they are trying to “protect” against them, the public don’t rile against the unjustness of the government’s plans but instead aims their anger at the Unions and the people that they represent.

  1. sid1979
    May 11, 2012 at 11:44 am

    Question: which bankers deserve what? The clerk behind the till in your branch office? Their manager? Thier area manager? The investment banker? The hedge fund manager? Who? Which ones? What role were they doing? Investing in what? Taking what level of risk? With who’s money? Are you absolutely sure you know who the ‘bankers’ you wish to ‘bash’ are, and what they did wrong that you don’t feel they should have done? Or is everyone in banking a bad person? Including the person on 18k behind the cashier’s desk, the HR team, the operations folks, the compliance and risk people? I’d bet every penny I will ever own that the vast majority of them are just like you and I, good people who just want to get by. So I doubt it is them that you mean. Maybe you mean the ones responsible for PPI, the latest ‘scandal’? But that wasn’t the whole industry, nor was responsible for much in the way of hardship – just some miselling that is being corrected. So who, exactly, are the ‘bankers’ that you mean, and what, exactly, did they do? I have a stong opinion about those that insult bankers, as I genuinly don’t think many of them have a clue who they mean, or what they mean. But repeating a shoddy media slogan is fun, isn’t it? You barely have to think. [/rant]

  2. E. A. Hughes
    May 11, 2012 at 8:12 pm

    Wow. Good rant. [/compliment]

    I completely disagree with striking except in the most extreme cases. It causes disruption and inconvenience to people who have no say in the cause whatsoever. Used on a big, important issue striking can show solidarity and determination; used to force through a wage increase or safety measures, it smacks of pettiness.

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