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Work to Live? or Live to Work?

Following on somewhat from yesterday’s topic today I would like to speak about work life balance.

As I am sure you remember my Wife is a teacher, however as it stands it is now gone 9.30pm and she is still at work. It’s a tough time, exams and coursework are the order of the day and young people’s futures are at stake, but at the same time she or in fact we have a life as well.

Don’t get me wrong In the privacy of my own home I give teachers a pretty hard time, their 3:30 finishes, copious amounts of holiday and the more than occasional strike are often topics of heated conversation, but personally I don’t think it reasonable for anyone of any profession to be expected to still be working 6 hours after their working day has concluded.

That word “expected” is the key one here, as I mentioned in yesterdays post often putting in those extra hours, or going above and beyond the call of duty are signs of someone who is hungry for their next promotion or who has the chosen to be the best of the best at their chosen profession, the problem comes when that “over performance” becomes the expectation.

It seems that employers now want us to be performing the role which we aspire to before we are given the remotest chance of being promoted or better still paid for it, but at the same time if you’re doing it anyways what incentive is there for the employer to increase your wage or status in the company?

As a general rule we have to “work to live” or at very least to live in either the manor we have become accustomed to or the one that we aspire to, but it seems more and more that employers take the attitude that we “live to work”.

This has become worse over the last decade or so with the explosion of the mobile phone and internet, the previously hallowed day off, is now simply a day that you are not in the office, the emails and phone calls will still be incoming you just have the luxury of sitting in your own front room whilst working, after all those photocopiers are not going to sell themselves.

What is worse is this doesn’t work both ways, when you need to take an additional day off for your great aunts centenary celebration you’re forced to jump through hoops and justify why she can’t rearrange said activities to fit around your working schedule, or in a best case scenario use up a few days of your holiday entitlement despite the fact that you clocked up 16 hours of (unpaid) “overtime” last week making sure your bosses PowerPoint presentation was up to scratch for his all important meeting on Friday.

And all throughout it that, carrot is dangled in front of you, this is the way you get ahead in the business, that next promotion is 100% yours with all the work you have put in how could it not be?  I mean you washed the director’s Mercedes last week so it was sparkling for his daughter’s prom night.

Then low and behold the day comes, the interviews have been done, you’re feeling confident your record speaks for itself, this promotion is in the bag!

So how the fuck did that lazy git from accounting get it?




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