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Thank You Ryan Podger

So as you may remember from my post a few days ago, my already gloomy June took a turn for the worst which resulted in my Holiday to Mexico being cancelled!

In a month when I was already feeling pretty down, this really took the wind out of me.

Unfortunately due a combination of some problems with the Thompson website and some mis-communication the Balance of our holiday was not paid in time to secure the booking, at this point we where £700+ into the holiday already and the resulting cancellation not only meant that we were going to spending two weeks in August sat in our sauna of a flat, but that even if we wanted to book something else we were already £700 down on our allocated funds to pay for it.

A phone call to Thompson on the day we realised this had happened was met with not much success, we explained the problem, reiterated our belief that the holiday had been paid in time but as for whatever reason no money had actually been taken there was no record of our interaction with the website the few weeks before, the suggested course of action was simply to book another holiday and take the financial loss, at this point understandably the Wife became a little upset and asked me to speak to the Customer Service representative, I went through the same process explained again what had happened and how confused we where that the transaction hadn’t gone through the website.

Luckily for me the gentleman we had on the end of the phone was in a word awesome, realistically the problem was probably more our fault than theirs, whilst the initial problem with the website payment was through no fault of our own, Thompson had tried to contact us and we should really have noticed the large sum of money that had failed to leave the bank account. Despite this Ryan pointed out that they had a team that were able to track any website interactions, unfortunately they where closed at the time of the call but he suggested that we call back later that week, gave me his extension number  and promised that he would see what he could do.

I was not hopeful, Thompson had our money, they could sell the rooms/flights etc to someone else and have our £700+ as extra profit. They had done their bit, fulfilled their obligations, as I said before realistically at this point the fault was ours.

I had the next day off so first thing I called the CS line, and explained once again the reason I was calling, and gave Ryan’s extension number. By coincidence it turned out that I had been put through to Ryan anyways. Ryan quickly raised the issue with the web team, explained it could take a little while and that he would phone me back as soon as he heard anything.  The hours ticked by and I had heard nothing, I couldn’t leave the house for fear of missing the call and I had run out of both Cigarettes and Red Bull.

Finally my impatience got the better of me, I called them back. I didn’t get Ryan this time but instead another gentleman who insisted on going through the entire process again, to finally say that he would chase Ryan up and get him to call me back. Two more hours passed and still no call, my hopes of saving the holiday where sinking fast, I made another call but still Ryan wasn’t available, by this point I had pretty much given up, but then 10 minutes later the phone rang!

Ryan explained he had spoken to the team, only to find out they were only able to trace website interactions at the point of the booking not any later, so that was it GAME OVER, holiday gone, £700+ down the drain. I half heartedly asked what else we could do.

Ryan offered that I could speak to a supervisor; sure I said if that’s what it will take I’ll speak to anyone. He put me on hold whilst he tried to find an available one to speak to or arrange a call back. Ten nerve racking minutes later the hold music clicked off and Ryan was back. Unfortunately at this time there wasn’t anyone available, however he had managed to speak with a manager and thought he had a way that they might be able to fix the problem as long as I didn’t mind going on hold again, of course I didn’t.

Another nail biting ten minutes passed and Ryan was back, with a solution!!

We would have to pay the current price rather than the early booking one we had secured in January, as well as a £50 per person Admin charge, but if where ok with that he could redo the booking there and then.

Of course we agreed!  Ryan then had to go off and remake the booking but would call back shortly to take payment, another nerve racking thirty minutes passed with me hovering over the phone , the final call came in and as I mentioned in my earlier post it is now all sorted and we are still heading to Mexico in August.

Whilst making the payment my Wife asked for Ryan’s full name so that we could make sure we wrote to thank him for all the hard work that he had put into fix this issue for us, and even then he was humble stating that he understood and was just glad he had been able to rectify the situation so that we didn’t miss our Holiday. He even went so far as to praise me for the calm manor in which I had dealt with him and his colleagues in what must have been a stressful and upsetting situation.

I’ve written the letter to Thompson, but also felt that this was a very public way for me to thank Ryan as well, I’m reasonably sure he will never read this but maybe one day when he is bored he will goggle himself and stumble across it and it might make him smile and realise what a positive impact he has made on our impression of the company he works for.

On another day and with another representative we might well have been looking at a pretty depressing summer, something I had thoroughly prepared myself for, whilst I had to try I was fully expecting to be told that nothing could be done.

So as the title says..

Thank You Ryan Podger!

You really have made our summer!

  1. Ryan Podger
    July 3, 2012 at 4:17 pm

    Hi there I just want to say thank you for your kind words an this has got round to my management and they are all very impressed with everything. I am glad to see I have helped you in this situation and I hope you both have a lovely holiday.

    Pre travel advisor


    Ps. I guess I did stumble across this. Thanks again.

    • July 3, 2012 at 9:19 pm

      glad that your manager saw this and hopefully you got some kinda bonus! or at least some Cake!

  2. Plane Blonde
    July 12, 2012 at 8:42 am

    Great job Ryan! And as the cherry on top, you’re now all over the company intranet site! 🙂 Everyone is going to see it so prepare yourself for complete adolation!!!

    Jezzarath, hope have a fabulous holiday!! Room for a tag along???

    • July 12, 2012 at 8:49 pm

      lol afraid not!
      Glad that this is getting shared amongst the company! It always nice when a company goes out of its way to celebrate a employees success and contribution to the buisness!
      Would also explain the crazy amount of hits that my Blog has recieved 😀

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