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A nudge in the right direction

So as you know I’ve been somewhat in a slump this month, not just in terms of the way I’ve been feeling but also in the quality and quantity of my writing.

I haven’t touched SFU since Mays second chapter, so my chapter a month is already at least a month behind, my post have been at best sporadic and of questionable quality or content.

I often use the internet to search for inspiration and generally try to find something topical to write about, but I think I have become somewhat obsessed with this and if there is nothing interesting in the Metro, BBC website or other news source I find myself lacking any form of inspiration.

A friend pointed out to me that the world around me is not my only inspiration, my own life experience is full of enough things that at very least I should find interesting and perhaps even you might, if you want to see his comments check out yesterday’s post.

Obviously I didn’t choose to use one of them this evening, I haven’t really had time to digest them and come up with some fully formed ideas as to what I want to say about them or how I want to say them, but all of the ideas he suggested are valid and useful suggestions and will indeed feature strongly over the coming weeks, as he himself pointed out there is at least a month’s worth of posts there.

All in all this short but motivational chat with my friend has given my some much needed inspiration, and hopefully we should see the results over the coming days.

Oh and before I forget, I got a message from Ryan of “Thank you Ryan Podger” fame today, it seems he did come across my thank you note!

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  1. July 5, 2012 at 9:07 pm

Dont stalk me in silence let me know your there!!

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