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A point in every direction is the same as no point at all

Continuing my slightly nostalgic theme from my last few posts today I’m going to introduce you to The Point!

As a child I listened to this on many a car journey, mainly on the long ones to visit family in either Birmingham or Southampton.

Originally The Point! Was the 6th album released my Harry Nilsson but it has since been made into animated film and a Musical stage show.


The Point! Is the story of Oblio, A round headed child who lives in the pointed village, where the law states everyone has to have a point, to conceal his pointlessness he has to wear a pointed hat.

After beating the Evil Counts son in a game of Triangle Toss Oblio and his trusty companion Arrow are banished to the Pointless Forest. An adventure follows and eventually Oblio returns to the village.

From his adventures Oblio learns it’s not at all necessary to be pointed to have a point.

Watching the Animation nowadays it’s obviously very dated but the Point still stands.


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