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R.I.P My Kindle

After the success of the “Thank you Ryan Podger” post earlier this month I thought I would go on and congratulate another retailer for their customer service.

Just on a side note regarding that previous post, it’s worked out pretty well for everyone, Ryan got the recognition that I felt his service deserved and due to the fact that the post congratulating him was put on Thomson’s internal Intranet I got 120 hits to the blog in one day and over 300 in a three day period!

It’s not as personal as the previous one, there was no one individual that went over and beyond my expectations, bit more of a company policy in general.

On Tuesday last week I was happily reading my Kindle on the train over to see the Wifes School Production of Dr Horrible, upon arriving at my destination I put my Kindle away and thought nothing more of it. Upon arriving home and taking my Kindle out for some bedtime reading I found the below.


If you can’t quite see it in the picture, the screen is cracked. Not on the outside but on the inside, I can’t think how this happened as the Kindle was in its usual place within my bag that it occupies every day during my journey to and from work when it’s not being read.

This was a disaster not only was this a rather expensive present from my Wife, but it is also a device that I literally rely on every day. Don’t get me wrong I love books; I have no problem with reading in the “Old Fashioned” way BUT despite my extensive collection


















(I would like to point out this looked like an awesome panoramic view in the draft but I cant get it to work in the final published post)

I don’t have the book I am currently reading in paper form, and I have read most if not all of the ones that I currently own, not to mention my trip to Mexico is imminent, and as I found when in Cuba the amount of space that having a Kindle saves in packing is awesesome, pretty much a small suitcase! The below was what I took on a two week holiday to Tunisia before I got my Kindle! and I read every one in the time we were there!


And as we are yet to have the Library with the moveable ladder, red leather chair and traditional reading lamp, the wife would really prefer it if I didn’t add any more physical copies to the collection.

Anyways I did a little research online looking for possibly fixes, after trying various things it became apparent that somehow the screen had been cracked on the inside, hence the lack of crack on the actual screen itself, after looking around I couldn’t find any prices for repair. I knew that I got it for my Birthday (May 23rd in case your planning on sending gifts :P) and so would be out of warranty, but figured I would give Amazon a call on the off chance that they did some kind of repairs.

After a brief conversation, a rehash of the various options that I had already tried via my research the operator confirmed that it totally kaput and was outside its warranty, here we go I thought, I’m going to need to shell out for another Kindle.

Well it turns out I was only a third right, despite the version of the Kindle that I have retailing at £149.99, Amazon offered to replace it for only £50. Awesome, it’s now ordered and on its way and should defiantly arrive in time for the trip to Mexico.

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