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Day 3

October 22, 2012 Leave a comment

So… as you guessed the guitar playing took a little bit of a back seat over the weekend, but I have dived right back into it this evening.

I wouldn’t say I was doing well, BUT I am at the point where the intro at least is recognisable, if a little slow and I have even got the chord progression for the verse correct, if again somewhat slowly.

A great help has been the video below.




Whilst looking around I found a number of other helpful YouTube guitar related videos, looks like there is a tutorial to learn just about everything.

As a little side project I am also trying to learn Pachelbel’s Canon in D, a Bi weird you might think, after all classical music isn’t my thing.

Well the video below should answer all your questions.



Football Manager Stole My Life

October 21, 2012 Leave a comment

This weekend has been somewhat of a write off, I’m sorry to say the guitar learning took a back seat due to some serious gaming time being had.

As you may have picked up from previous posts I not only work for a gaming retailer but I also enjoy playing games, which is handy.

Much as there are many games that I enjoy playing the two that I spend the most time on are not surprisingly the two most “addictive” games out there.

I’ve already mentioned my Warcraft habit, which has its own history of real life consequnaces, but my other obsessions is SI Games Football Manager series, a series that has its own impressive stats when it comes to real life effects.

To the uneducated eye there is no appeal to FM, it’s like playing FIFA but without any control of your players,, essentially its stacking a spreadsheet in your favour to get the outcome you desire. All of which is to some degree true, although the same could be said about just about any video game, the only difference being that they hide it behind some pretty graphics.

To the connoisseur however, your unknown 17 year old wonder kid scoring the winning goal in the FA trophy Final against Worksop, will instil the same level of pride as Drogba hitting the winning penalty in the Champions League Final., some people even take it really seriously!

The thing that sets FM above its other simulation rivals is the level of detail that it goes into, the smug feeling when a real life club signs the unknown player you had pegged from a previously played game, it doesn’t always work out that way though.

My particular way of playing the FM series is to take part in the Dafuge Challange, a player organised challenge that involves taking a previously unplayable team (below the BSN/BSS) and winning both the Premiership and the Champions League with them in the shortest time possible.

There are various degrees of difficulty within the challenge based n which team you manage and a lot of painful hours doing the “reload reshuffle” to get the one you want. For the last few years I have always played as Chippenham Town FC and have got somewhat attached to them, so my Fridays nights gaming consisted mostly of reloading over and over again before they finally got promoted to a playable position.

I’ve started my game now and am well on my way, currently sitting in 11th just after Xmas.

If you too are an FM fan I heartily recommend giving this challenge a go, there really is no other way to play the game like it!

Night Off!

October 19, 2012 Leave a comment

Its Friday and I have the new FM 2013 Beta to play with.


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Am Mishap

October 18, 2012 Leave a comment

See what did there?

I had a little bit of a setback yesterday; first of all there was the tuning issue that I mentioned already. I thought I had solved this first by the use of the Smoke Alarm battery; unfortunately it turns out is was the tuner not the battery that was the issue, that is unless of course my smoke alarm is about as useless as a chocolate teapot.

But i thought outside the box a little bit and found an App that performed the same function, gstrings, a guitar tuner for your phone. Genius!

It seems however that years of neglect finally took their toll on my poor guitar and during said tuning I managed to snap the E string. Luckily and somewhat lavishly for someone who hasn’t picked up a guitar in 5+ years I own 2 more.

The other electric was also missing its E string but thankfully the acoustic (technically my wives guitar, but hey what’s mine is yours and all that.) has all its strings and only needed some minor tuning to get it into working order.

I managed to just about play the intro part of “Still Alive” today and even managed to recall some of the previous songs I used to know such as “Dont look Back In Anger” albeit painfully, with some appalling chord changes and a lot of trial and error.

What I did learn however is that despite the fairly constant pain in my fingertips, making even the typing of this blog somewhat uncomftable, I do miss playing the guitar and perhaps this experience could turn out to be a lot more than a topic for a blog and will get me back into playing.


Am = A Minor in case the title passed you by.

Step 2

October 17, 2012 Leave a comment

So the guitar has left its resting place and taken up residence in the computer room, and today it even got a few strums.

Unfortunately I have run into my first snag, albeit a simple one to fix.

The last time I picked up my guitar was at least 2 years ago, and if I’m not mistaken it might well be closer to five, so you can imagine what it sounded like on that first strum.

Not a problem I thought, I shall simply pull out the trusty tune, get it sorted and get cracking. Unfortunately said tuner is out of Juice and annoying takes one of those 9v square battaries that you never ever have spares of because practically nothing uses them, saying that lighting has just struck and I think that the fire alarm does, although I’m not sure if removing that is a violation of some kind of fire safety code.


I tried tuning by ear using the 5th fret tuning method, this did of course make it sound better but by no means was it in tune.

I then started to just strum a little, try and put a few chords together that I remembered, maybe even fashion together the beginnings of tune, a bit came back to me such as the basic cords but that was all.

I started trying to play the beginning part to “Still Alive” which down to the tuning (of course) sounded close, if not correct and in slow motion.

What I did learn however is that not playing guitar for years and then trying to, causes serious pain to your fingertips!

Step One

October 16, 2012 1 comment

So yesterday I set myself the goal of learning a song on my much neglected guitar,  as it stands due to a slightly later than usual arrival home and my usual procrastination (aka WOW) I have yet to actually pluck the guitar from its resting place, however looking back at Slyph’s suggestion day two didn’t involve any actual playing so I’m still on track!

I’m not really going to go into why I picked the song, I think I covered that yesterday with my “im a geek” comment and the only thing I have to add to that really is simply that I like the song and secondly it seems somewhat easy to play.

Whilst I didn’t do any actual practice I did take some time to find a Tab that I can use to learn it.

My first point of call was Tab Library, it had the what seems unnecessary requirement of registering, something I find especially pointless in a website that offers all its Tabs for free, but it only took a few minutes to do and has an impressive selection of tabs, and more importantly did have “Still alive”

In fact they have it in multitudes, I have 8 options to choose from, and when I go into them I have anywhere up to 5 submissions of how this song is played, and upon my brief look so far every single one is different.

Whilst the song itself might not be all that hard, it seems that it might be that little bit harder to learn than I expected!

You just keep on trying till you run out of cake

October 15, 2012 Leave a comment

So as you know I have been somewhat struggling to write over the last few days, hence my last few posts, after yesterdays post a good friend of mine and fellow blogger made a suggestion.


 Dig out the guitar, pick a song, learn it. Blog for a week about the song. Day 1, what you plan to do. Day 2, the song you’ve picked and why, Day 3, where you will get the tab from, Day 4, memories of the first time you got a guitar, Day five and six, progress and memories. Day 7, final result from a week of blowing the dust off and your next steps. I’ve just given you a week of blogging. Go do it.


And I figured hell why not, it kills two birds with one stone, one gives me a something to write about for a little while and two gives the much neglected guitar a run out.



It’s a real shame to see it just sitting there, especially as it was group present from a number of friends a fair few years ago that has not received the attention it deserves after the collaborative effort involved purchasing it for me!

I’m not sure I’ll be able to live up to the timelines that Slyph suggested, not based on the difficulty of the song, it’s not like I’m learning one of these.





This is more based on my own perchance for procrastination meaning that even what at least seems like a simple tune will most likely take me considerably longer than the aforementioned time lines, but I’ll see what I can do.

To fit in both with my own limited guitar skills and the fact that I’m as you may have guessed i’m a bit of a geek, I thought I would go with the song below.



Or if you want the ultimate geek version……



Either way success or failure it has at least made this a more interesting blog than the last few!



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