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Mind the Gap

Most days I get the train to work, and on these days I am baffled by the number of people who find this most basic of actions difficult.

Considering in a large part these are the same people day in day out making their daily commute to their place of work its rather disconcerting how people don’t get the basic mechanics of this task.

Let’s take the first step of any train journey, getting on the train. It’s obvious that in order for someone to enter the train those passengers needing disembark at their destination must be able to leave the carriage, thus making room for the new travellers, and yet every morning the waiting passengers surge for the door and stand directly in front of it, allowing no space for people to get off and on to the platform, and then have the audacity to tut loudly when someone knocks into them whilst trying to wrestle their way through briefcases, umbrellas and bicycles.

Ah the Bicycle, the weapon of choice of the cities ecco warriors or fitness gurus, at least for the 10 minute ride to and from the train station. The train is already full to bursting, if your going to make the effort to ride to work then Hell go the whole hog, if I can’t get a seat or find a place to stand where I am not wedged against a window there is certainly no room for your social conscience.

Then there are those people who hog the seats, its an 8am train, more than 50% of the passengers are already standing, not due to actual lack of seats. But due to inanimate objects such as briefcases or laptops needing a seat all of their very own, or the worst of all, the “Aisle Seaters” people who are so afraid of any kind invasion of their overblown “personal space” that they need to sit aisle side, blocking a perfectly good seat. What’s worse is when these people grudgingly get up to allow you to sit on one of the two seats they are occupying; they don’t take the logical step of moving over, no. Instead they get up, stand in the aisle halting all other passengers and expecting you to sit near the window. This one always made me chuckle on my way to my old place of work, I was always getting off two stops down and the aforementioned “Aisle Seater” was inevitably travelling all the way to London and so had to move again when I needed to get off.

And last but not least is the button basher, the person who despite travelling on a train, most likely the same train, every day still has not managed to grasp the concept that no amount of pounding, no matter how fast or how often is going to make the doors open before the “beep” and the lights coming on.

The city life is often described as the rat race, but let’s be honest rats learn way faster.

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