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The Crime Fiction Writers Exam

You may remember a few posts back that I posted the Fantasy Writers Exam.

I stated at the time how odd I found it that the Fantasy Genre is picked upon more than others, considering that it is by far the smallest section in any bookshop I have visited and the fact that I can count the number of contributions to TV & Film on one hand.

Wife suggested that perhaps I should give the same treatment to other genres and create their own exam to be taken before beginning their journey into their own chosen genre.

So I did.

The Crime Fiction Writers Exam

  1. Is your main character an aging detective with a drink problem?
  2. Or winding down to retirement?
  3. Or the department “bad boy”?
  4. Or a maverick loner?
  5. Or have an estranged Wife?
  6. Or a dead wife?
  7. Or emotionally damaged?
  8. Or a veteran cop who has just got a rookie partner?
  9. Or a hardnosed woman trying to make it in mans world?
  10. Does that rookie partner throw up the 1st time they enter the morgue?
  11. Does your main character have nothing to do with law enforcement, but has an uncanny ability to solve crimes?
  12. Are they police happy about when this happens?
  13. Does your main characters boss ever say “ill have your badge for that”?
  14. Do you have a good cop/bad cop scene?
  15. Is your main character Belgian?
  16. Scottish?
  17. Swedish?
  18. At any point does your main character put themselves in a dangerous situation without informing anyone where they are going?
  19. When they do so does their phone run out of battery?
  20. Or loose signal?
  21. Does your main character hook up with the 1st female Lawyer that they meet?
  22. How about Doctor?
  23. How about Coroner?
  24. How about Journalist?
  25. Is the title of your novel a line from a Nursery rhyme?
  26. Does your main character take of his sunglasses and make a witty pun at every crime scene?
  27. Does your Novel contain a two digit body count?
  28. Does your body count equate to ½ the population of the town the novel is set in?
  29. Are any of the characters based on the “murder mystery” dinner party you recently attended?
  30. Or hosted?
  31. At any point does your main character get all the suspects in one room and discuss their whereabouts during the time of the murder?
  32. Does your main character at any point say “Elementary”?
  33. At any point does a female character fell like she is being “watched” but tells no one about it?
  34. Does your main character bump into the killer and not even know it?
  35. Or just miss them when visiting an apartment?
  36. Or arrest them but then let them go because their clearly innocent?
  37. And then realise in the final chapter that they weren’t and it all fits together?
  38. Does your main character end up as the killer’s final target despite in no way fitting the pattern of their previous victims?

Please feel free to suggest any additions and Ill add them to the list.

  1. April 3, 2013 at 9:59 pm

    I am impressed with the CSI Miami shout out.

  2. Ian Rastall
    May 4, 2013 at 2:36 pm

    What happens when your main character waits for a subway train?

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