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Creating a Schedule

One of the most difficult things about writing and maintaining an active and regular blog is the simple act of finding something to write about.

The events of the day may inspire you to great heights, but nine times out of ten it’s just a Tuesday and that is not all that fun to write about, a favourite TV show or book may provide some much needed filler between your next literary masterpiece or if all else fails who on the internet doesn’t like pictures of cats!

However occasionally even these fall backs go unused and you gradually slip into inactivity, your blog joins the 1st few pages spy novel that you always wanted to write but never did.

As I am sure you have guessed my blog has fallen buy the wayside, hell my last post was not a million miles away from two months ago!

Whilst my writing has died a death, Wife’s has excelled, she now has more followers than me, has kept up a post a day challenge for a number of months, and inspired a number of other people to get into blogging.

Reading her blog, and having the added insight of living with her I think there are three things that have helped her to achieve this level of commitment and continued output.

1. Scheduling – there are a number of topics that she repeats, either weekly or monthly. These give her the stability that on certain evenings she already knows what she is going to write about, I found that when I had my brief stint at the “Armageddon” series it did help make the overall month seem that little bit less scary.

2. Write for the sake of writing – Even on the days when she doesn’t have something profound, sensible or funny to write about, she still writes something. As someone who wants to eventually, maybe, one day write that novel that I have been banging on about the whole time, I find this is the most useful and underused piece of advice.

3. She has a lot to say – About everything! Seriously!

Anyways with all this in mind I am looking to create a schedule of what I will write about each day of the week, in an attempt to kick start myself back into the blogosphere and ultimately on the road to becoming the Novelist that I want to be!

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