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The phone, or more specifically the mobile phone, or perhaps even more specifically the smart (who came up with that name anyways it’s not like it thinks for itself) phone is now days an integral part of everyday life.

It is equally important to the business man/woman as it is to the 13 year old school child, you simply cannot and perhaps will not live without it.

I have a somewhat love/hate relationship with them, I have a “smart” phone that I use to txt and make calls, occasionally check Facebook and once in a blue moon play angry birds.

However for those just a few years younger than me the phone is like an additional appendage, a part of their body that needs to be inspected at any given opportunity.

Whilst I worked in store with what was generally a younger group of people than my colleagues that I now work with in the office, disappearing to check the phone was a pretty constant problem, one that I ended up solving by locking the offending items in the safe at the start of the shift.

The look of desperation when they asked for their phones during their lunch break and the elation on receiving it was somewhat disturbing.

Whilst I found and continue to find this inability to leave the phone alone during working hours annoying and borderline obsessive, it is only over the last few weeks that I have decided that a line has truly been crossed.

Reading a magazine/newspaper/book whilst in the toilet is a pretty stereotyped activity, so it stands to reason that in this age of technology it would be replaced with a game of Temple Run or Words with friends. But these normally take place within the private confines of the cubical.

But since when did it become normal to be standing at the urinal, taking a leak whilst texting? And even worse, as I have witnessed recently, having a phone conversation whilst in the toilet, when did that become OK?

I am all for technology and an interactive and connected world, but really, some places should be sacred!

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