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DAY 2. – Favorite side character

Before I could make this decision I had to really think about what I would call a “side character”, it could technically apply to anyone who isn’t the main protagonist but many of the people that came to mind in my opinion are really main characters in their own right.

Matt or Perrin for example from the Wheel of Time are both favourites of mine for different reasons but whilst they are part of the group that surrounds Rand, they get to much page time to really be anything other than main characters.

Similarly Monk, Painter and Seichan from the Sigma Force series are all in contention but again the “heroes” are so interchangeable in the books that no one of them could really be called a “side character.”

Last of all before narrowing it down to final two, Death from the Discworld series was a strong favourite but again with a chunk of books in which he is the main character I decided it really wasn’t a fair choice.

So in the end it turned out be a battle between two characters from the same series, to be honest it is more than likely this is influenced by my recent reading material but it came down to either Shade or Darkhorse from Richard Knaak’s  Dragonrealm series.

It was a tough choice, but in the end I settled on Shade.

This shadowy warlock, first crops up in original book Firedrake introducing himself with his enigmatic statement “you can call me Simon, this time.”

A being both respected and feared by both his friends and enemies and character you never really know you can trust, cursed to walk the Dragonrealm as a result of his failed attempt at immortality he is torn between the powers that he tried to harness to achieve his goal, being reincarnated after each death never knowing if he will serve the powers of good or evil.

He has spent a majority of his years either committing acts so heinous they remembered across the centuries or desperately trying to make up for the destruction that he caused in his previous incarnation.

As the series goes on we learn about this shadowy warlock, which add depth to this already complex character. Its somewhat of a shame that the books detailing some of the history of the world and his first incarnation make it a little too obvious who he is considering that up until this point in the series he has never given his actual name, this could have been achieved with a little more suspense and surprise I felt.

I first encountered this book about 8/9 years ago and at the time was disappointed  it was a solo effort, it was only recently after reading some of Knaaks Warcraft titles that I even became aware a series existed.

Recently Shade has got his own book, but I have yet to have to chance to read it as  I still have one or two of the proceeding books to catch up on.

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