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DAY 4. – Book turned into a movie and completely desecrated.

This was tough one, not a huge amount of the books that I tend to read seem to make it to either TV or Movie. Despite the success of Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and now of course Game of Thrones the fantasy genre seems to be given a wide berth by Hollywood. Perhaps it’s to hard to do I don’t know, but I can to a degree understand the nervousness of a film company to sign up to a sprawling 14 book epic that might or might not hit it off with the public, but I find it a shame in the never-ending conveyor belt of sequels and reboots that the wealth of this genre is so under represented.

If I could remember it well enough (I read it a long time ago) I would perhaps of said the Golden Compass but as my memory of it is so cloudy it would perhaps be unfair to choose this, so instead rather than a movie I have chosen a TV series.

The Legend of the Seeker.

Whilst I have mixed feelings about Terry Goodkind’s ending to the series, as a whole I loved the Sword of Truth, and whilst a semi watchable show in its own right almost everything about the TV show was wrong.

With the exception of Tabrett Behell every single casting was wrong, the storyline was changed so much and we ended up with a Xena Warrior Princess version of what is arguably one of the best fantasy series of the modern era.

Don’t get me wrong, the actors who where cast did admirable jobs of portraying the characters they were given, they were just not right. The story which is on a level of “grim” that George RR Martin would be proud off instead comes off as a combination every 90’s fantasy TV show that I grew up with., and coming only three years before Game of Thrones it had the chance to pave the way in the same way that they have now done for future Fantasy dramas, how I wish HBO had got their hands on this.

 Perhaps if the had we would all be talking about Richard, Kahlan, Cara and Zed with the same enthusiasm that we now gather round the water cooler to discuss Tyrion’s latest escapades!

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