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DAY 6. – Book you’ve read the most number of times.

The answer to this one is a little of a weird one, I wouldn’t class it as one of my favourite books although I do have a fondness for it and it wouldn’t really fit into any of the other categories that this challenge asks about which considering I have read it more than any other it really should.

I don’t tend to read a lot of books more

My gut reaction was Shogun, but despite my love of this book upon reflection I realised I had actually on read it twice, my next thought was the Stand but again I can’t remember reading it more than twice.

Overall I don’t tend re-read books more than once, whilst I don’t claim to have some kind of superhuman memory, I can fairly accurately pick up most books that I have read, scan a paragraph and tell you what happens next, I have the same skill with TV shows often telling Wife that we have seen said episode of a show within the 1st ten seconds of it starting.

With this in mind even my most read book is at most something I have read a handful of times, and it’s one that doesn’t make the grade in any of the other categories mentioned on this  list but despite that is one that I have enjoyed a number of times.

Krokodil tears by Jack Yeovil

 Its part of the Demon Download cycle and loosely linked to the Games Workshop universe, but set in near future rather than Warhammer or 40k.

The story follows the exploits of juvenile delinquent Jassamyn Bonny,aka Jazzbeaux, aka Krokodil. She is essentially a female terminator,a gang leader who gets semi possessed by an extra-dimensional entity.

During her adventures she comes up against various bounty hunters, a High priest of a very dubious religious organisation and my favourite the Tasmanian Devil, a genius economist and psychopathic killer.

It’s not the stuff you would study in school, or that you would pass of as great literature but it sure is damn good fun! 

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