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A little free writing

I tried a little free writing this evening, I had  a snippet of an idea and as you are supposed to with free writing I just went for it. I have cleaned it up a little, so its readable and the words are recognisable.

As it is mildly better than the adventures “Hippopotimus angry bird the 3rd” I thought what the hell, why not share it. Whats the worst that can happen.

So here it is, i’m not sure what to call it but suggestions are welcome.

Harry reached into his pocket pulling out a crumpled packet of Krakatoa, he took one, bit it and inhaled deeply. He lent against the fence surveying his empire, eyeing up the crew he had built.

When he had found them they had been nothing but thugs, at best a collective of knuckleheads that thought only with their fists and dealt with the consequences afterwards.

It was he, Harry Blemfield that had bought them together, built them into something that was in charge; something that was equal parts feared and respected. Even the filth sidestepped when he and his boys went past.

Simple Joe had been the first to join.

With hands the size of hams, a gap toothed grin and a lazy left eye he was never going to be considered the brains of the outfit but he was smarter than he looked. He knew when and where to land a pinch and rarely got caught. If someone hadn’t paid up, Joe was Harry’s go to guy to get the goods.

After that came the Getaway man, Cool Steve and his brother Tony the Charmer.

If Steve couldn’t drive it, it wasn’t worth driving. When his feet where on the pedals it was like they had a life of their own, a blur, poetry in motion. His favorite was the red LTC Coupe, it was fast, had good handling and a trailer for when they hit a big haul.

Tony could talk, really talk. He knew words that the others had never even heard of.  A flash of his pearly whites and a few big words to baffle the law and four times out of five Tony would get the whole group out of trouble!

Last of all was Dylan.

He was the builder, the creator. Harry might come up with the ideas but it was Dylan that turned them into a reality, put the ABC’s of the plan together. When they had knocked over Milly’s bottle and basket, it was Dylan that had found them the Old Fort to lay low in afterwards and enjoy their spoils.

Today was the last day, after their latest escapade they had made the big time. They were going “up town”.

Josh Fuller ran up “town”, he was big time. His brother Big Dan had been in charge for a number of years, but he had moved on to bigger and better things leaving Josh to continue his legacy. Harry had set a meet for later today to hammer out how things were going to work; he knew he would have to give Josh some kick back on anything they earned. It was only for a while, Josh would move on eventually.

In the distance a bell rang, Harry gave his crew one last look.

“See you at “Big School” boys”

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