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Saving on Food

As is usual at this time of year I have been feeling the pinch financially, as is also usual at this time of year I have decided to try and lose a bit of weight and get myself a little bit more healthy.

These are two things that don’t really go all that well together, traditionally the belief is that eating healthy means splashing out on special foods etc and Gym memberships are not exactly cheap, not to mention the fact that chances are by February it will be a long forgotten goal.

One of my guilty pleasures over the last few months has been watching the BBC 1 show ‘Eat well for Less’. If you can get passed the cheesy presenters its actually a worth while watch and will get you thinking about what you spend on food.

The premise is simple, the tow presenters watch a family do their shopping, total it up and get a rough idea of their usual shopping spend. From there their goal is to save the family as much money as possible, this is achieved mainly through two things, changing branded products for much cheaper alternatives and getting rid of convenience food and getting people to make things form scratch.

The family will have all their products taken out of any branding and then spend a week eating those, at the end they find out what was changed, what was the same and how much they saved.

The average household spends £83.60 a week on food and drink, which in itself sounds like a lot, but having taken a look at what I was actually spending it was a lot more than that!

Since watching this it has massively changed how I do my shopping and I have been able to make noticeable savings on my shopping. I recommend watching it even just the once, I am pretty sure that the next time you do some shopping you will be saving yourself some serious ££.

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  1. January 10, 2016 at 4:29 pm

    It does amaze me how much money some people can spend on food. What particularly stuns me are people who say they can’t afford to eat healthily, or to make their own food. This in a world where you can buy pasta/rice/potatoes by the ton, and you can buy onions and root vegetables to last for weeks for less than £1? I can feed myself for a week on what some people will spend on a single takeaway pizza. Which isn’t to say that I don’t sometimes buy those myself – but I think the key is that, in terms of both finance and health, some things are luxuries and some things are staple foods, and it’s important not to confuse the two!
    [I’ve recently realised I can buy high quality frozen fish at half the price of fresh, and can’t actually taste the difference…]

    As for gym membership – not something I’d consider because I find exercise offputting enough even without an audience. But in any case, most of what goes on in gyms doesn’t really help weight loss or fitness. For weight loss, the benefit of exercise is mostly psychological (endorphins); and for fitness, just improving the heart and lungs and circulation are much more important than building muscles. I can understand that some people really want to be beautiful through exercise, or enjoy the feeling of strength they get out of it, or want to be super-fit… but for most unhealthy people just trying to be a bit healthier, it’s much more cost- and time-effective just to get into the habit of going for brisk walks/jogs or going swimming or cycling or something.

    Of course, I’m not one to talk. I eat too much and not healthily enough and too expensively, and I’m not that fit and I’m somewhat overweight. But at least I know that that’s just because i’m lazy, greedy, impulsive and a bad planner!

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